The New Beginning

June 11, 2022 is a blissful day for us and Andini. Andini is a student from Malang, East Java who recently graduated. Back in her high school days she was a friendly, smart, and fun girl. Spent as youth with friends, also quite active in school organizations. Apart from that she also has unique preferences. She shared her interest in Japanese culture. What’s interesting is that really persistent in finding out more about the languages, entertaiment, and much more.

Andini prepares everything a few days before graduation. One of them is kebaya. Kebaya is a traditional clothing of Indonesian women usually worn at various events such as national events, weddings, graduations, etc. We were honoured to be a part of her special day. Andini wears our modern asymmetrical style kebaya. The mint green color suits her as an enthusiastic young girl.

Emotions and happiness mixed on her graduation day. At the moment she became student representative to speech in 5 languages. Standing on stage in a graceful kebaya while confidently speak in Japanese.

For Andini, high school was the most beautiful time to meet new people, explored new things. It doesn’t stop there, the journey to pursue of becoming a Japanese literature scholar. She is now continuing her study at the university she’s dreaming of. Congratulation! We always wish the best for you, Andini.






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