Thank you Melbourne

Thank You Melbourne

“Alana Maxi Dress” photographed by TSoetojo

Alhamdulillah – After years creating, ANNISA BELLUCCI made it first international debut at Indonesian Modest Fashion Week Melbourne (IMFWM) 2023 in Australia.

We landed early for some preparation before show. Melbourne was sunny and a little cold. Straight up to plan, first we have fitting and rehearsal. We met Isabella, a sweet and generous local stylist who’s really fun to work with. She work with the look to create perfect presentation for ANNISA BELLUCCI show. 

March 4th, 2023 – IMFWM was held in historic old customs house, Immigration museum Melbourne. The show begin at 8pm, after a gala dinner with designers and VVIP guests. The grand building of Immigration Museum turn into pretentious fashion runway. Many guests come from all over the world. ANNISA BELLUCCI alongside with several designers from Indonesia showcasing latest creations, accentuating the beauty of each character.

Creative director Annisa Bellucci W, as she’s the youngest designer showcased “Nothing can describe how grateful i am to be here.” Representing next generation of modest fashion – Especially connecting muslims in Melbourne. The runway will be graceful by models wearing loose dresses, flowy skirts, and sophisticated blouses. The designs feature beautiful details such as lace, embroidery, and delicate beading, highlighting the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into creating the garment.

Who knows Melbourne was become part of our history. The people, the street, how can we not forget the iconic places, enough to give us inspiration in the future. We would like to say thanks to IMFWM committee, production, and backstage crew for the support. Also here we are some of behind the scenes moments from the show, enjoy.

“Lana Abaya in Teal” Photographed by Chiercia Gerardo
“Aisha Maxi Dress” Photographed by TSoetojo

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