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  • 24 Spring Summer

    24 Spring Summer

    24 SPRING SUMMER Is Here: Closer Look and Inspiration A reverent return to the brand’s timeless origins, ANNISA BELLUCCI envisioned Spring Summer 2024 ‘Lemon Garden’ as a dreamy like modest summer dressing. This time i’d like to breaktrough what has been inspired me behind this collection. Lately there is a growing trend in this society…

  • Thank you Melbourne

    Thank you Melbourne

    Thank You Melbourne “Alana Maxi Dress” photographed by TSoetojo Alhamdulillah – After years creating, ANNISA BELLUCCI made it first international debut at Indonesian Modest Fashion Week Melbourne (IMFWM) 2023 in Australia. We landed early for some preparation before show. Melbourne was sunny and a little cold. Straight up to plan, first we have fitting and…

  • The New Beginning

    The New Beginning

    June 11, 2022 is a blissful day for us and Andini. Andini is a student from Malang, East Java who recently graduated. Back in her high school days she was a friendly, smart, and fun girl. Spent as youth with friends, also quite active in school organizations. Apart from that she also has unique preferences.…

  • Eid From Home

    Eid From Home

    Annisa here! Alhamdulillah tahun ini masih dipertemukan dengan bulan suci Ramadhan, dan kembali merayakan hari raya Idul Fitri. Selamat lebaran semua!  Lebaran kali ini masih sama dengan tahun lalu (2020), yaitu di rumah. Alhamdulillah tetap dapat suasana hari kemenangan, hanya nggak bisa kumpul ramai-ramai. Here i am celebrating with my little family. Sederhana aja. Setelah…

  • From Sketch To Reality-Tenun

    From Sketch To Reality-Tenun

    After a long, long time, I was like found my true happiness. Why? Read it first…  Sebuah pakaian nggak akan jadi jika tidak ada design-nya. Sama seperti yang kualami. Mencoba menjadi fashion designer, ingin sekali rasanya segera bisa mewujudkan design-design yang telah aku buat menjadi sebuah baju istimewa.     Suatu ketika aku dapat tugas…

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