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About Annisa Bellucci

Annisa Bellucci Wahyudi, an Indonesian based fashion designer has discovered her love for art and creativity since childhood. She began designing and desired to make it happen, Annisa then chose to focus and study at Arva School of Fashion Surabaya, at the age of only 13 years old.
After graduating in 2019, Annisa founded her eponymous label, ANNISA BELLUCCI. The brand provides luxury ready-to-wear for women and girls that is modest in style fit for global citizens.
Minimalist and ease, elegant and feminine, timeless and versatile, ANNISA BELLUCCI’s world celebrates beauty in simplicity. This is reflected in its design, combined with craftmanship and the subtle details. Annisa aim is to inspire women around the world through an effortless beauty lifestyle. Because she believes that being beautiful is enough when you are happy and believe in yourself.
Now ANNISA BELLUCCI continues to redefine women’s modest fashion, developing good quality products and evolving a wider network.

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